What is Shoyaku? Shoyaku is the Japanese for ‘active medicinal herb’ . KOTOHA’s products are formulated from combinations of oriental herbs from countries such as China, Japan or Korea.



Ginseng is high in Saponin and also contains Vitamin B1, B2 and B12 Amino acid, all of which are essential for healthy skin. It has a water retaining effect and encourages regeneration of skin cells. Another amazing effect of Ginseng is to prohibit the decrease of Hyaluronic Acid, which can cause aging! Ginseng is added to most of our products. Please refer details of each product.


Peonia lactifloraShoyaku Peonia Lactiflora

Peonia is considered a ‘Sacred herb’ for beauty in Japan. It is often used for acne treatments. It is astringent, anti inflammatory and has an ability to control the oil balance in the skin. In this way it can help reducing the appearance of open pores. Peonia Lactiflora is used in our Shoyaku Herb Essence Moist Water and Silk Cream.

Chinese Angelica

Chinese Angelica contains Amino Acid. It is anti-inflammatory and anti-allergen so is often used for eczema or other skin conditions. It also prohibits melanin production, encourages water retention, and has a skin-firming effect. Chinese Angelica is used in our Shoyaku Herb Essence Rejuvenation serum, and in several other products. Please refer details for each product.

Mulberry Root BarkShoyaku oriental herbs 1

You could write a book on Mulberry Root Bark extract! It has a whole range of qualities that can make your skin beautiful. It contains Flavonoids, known as a strong antioxidant, and prohibits melanin production which is 30 times more powerful than Vitamin C! It is also an anti-allergen, anti-inflammatory and is anti bacterial! This beautiful and virtually perfect herb is used in our Shoyaku Herb Essence Brightening Serum and in many other products.


Licorice contains glabridin which inhibits melanogenesis. Licorice’s brightening effect is very powerful so it is said to be a safe alternative for Hydroquinone. It is also an anti-allergen, so is often used for eczema treatments too. It is used in our Brightening Serum, and you don’t have to wait too long to see the results!

Green Tea

This is delicious to drink as a tea, but is is also great for the skin and hair. It is high in Catechin which is one of the strongest antioxidants. It helps with the regeneration of skin cells and healthy hair grow. It is also used in our haircare products.

Camellia TsubakiShoyaku Mulberry bark

Tsubaki oil has been used for the hair and scalp for centuries in Japan. It is said to promote healthy hair grow. Being high in oleic acid means it is very moisturising, so is also ideal to care for damaged hair ends. It protects hair from UV damage, emollient and antioxidants. We like to add generous amount of Tsubaki oil in our haircare products.