KOTOHA’s beauty advice service is designed to teach you how to apply makeup using the Golden Ratio Method.

In Japan today, there are many beauty treatments and service on the market, and many different kinds of demands from customers. Because there are so many products available, it can be difficult to know which service to choose. You can pick up tips from lectures by makeup artists at department stores etc, but they are not necessarily suited to you individually. It is increasingly making better sense to receive makeup lessons privately.

how to apply makeup Golden Ratio Method

So, what is the Golden ratio method make up?

The Golden ratio method is an unusual and innovative makeup method. Sessions can be run privately or for small groups of up to three people.

The Golden Ratio is an established principle used in architecture and interior design. It captures the proportions in a structure that naturally look beautiful to most people, even if they can’t explain why. The Golden Ratio Method uses this long-understood theory in the application of make up.

As a reference, some famous celebrities happen to have the golden ratio naturally occurring in their facial features. For example, in the Western culture one might think of Angelina Jolie. In Japan, Keiko Kitagawa.

The Golden Ratio Method begins with a measurement of your facial features. By doing this, we can collect objective data and analyze the best aspects of your face and how to emphasise these.

The next step is a consultation. In it we ask how you would like to look and advise what we would recommend from the data. We then use the method to find the best way of applying the makeup to maximize your charm!

Photo by Momi Crouzet

Of course, one cannot change the layout of the face. However we have found that even a single 1 mm change in makeup placement can make a surprisingly big difference. While for many people, makeup’s purpose is only to ‘hide bad points’, at KOTOHA, our aim with makeup is more to be to ‘be more beautiful’. The Golden Ratio helps do this by emphasizing your strengths in accordance with the natural ratios.

Here are some happy customers…(Click the picture to enlarge)

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Total beauty advice – Basic (private lesson) – Learn and master basic golden ratio makeup to maximize your beauty 

Approx. 120 minutes

Lesson fee £190

The basic lesson starts by measuring your face. We collect objective data of your natural advantages and disadvantages. And in the consultation, we listen to how you want to be, and analyze the best way of bringing out your best.

Lesson flow

Cleanse → measuring → consultation → foundation application → golden ratio make practice (eyebrow → eye makeup → lip → blush)

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