‘Discover… The ancient wisdom of Shoyaku oriental herbs…’

KOTOHA is proud to offer innovative and highly effective skin care and hair care products of highest quality.

Our products use ‘Shoyaku’ oriental herbs which has been relied upon in Far East for centuries.The special formula for each of our products consists in the precise combinations of oriental herbs that we develop to target the area of concern. (You can learn about some of the very much sought after herbs we use in our products at What are Shoyaku oriental herbs? section.)

In addition to Shoyaku herbs, we use a number of other ingredients from international sources. These are among the most effective and innovative ingredients in the current cosmetic market. They include Kukui nut oil, Moringa oil, Coenzyme Q10, L-ascorbic acid Silk amino acid and D-panthenol.

All KOTOHA products are carefully formulated for long term use for healthy skin and hair. Our products eliminates the need for any unnecessary additives. All our products are completely free of colorant, artificial perfume, paraben, SLS and SLES.

Having tested on volunteers for five years, products are proven to be effective, while we know just how important it is they are are gentle.

For this reason, KOTOHA products are also great for sensitive skin. Ginseng skin care benefits