KOTOHA was established in 2015 by founder Yoko Obata.

KOTOHA’s mission is to uplift people’s confidence by providing high quality cosmetic products that are created from ancient wisdom from Far East.

Our products are consist of unique combinations of natural active ingredients and ‘Shoyaku’- oriental herbs which are used and found to be effective for skin and hair in Far East for centuries.

Our vision is to be a pioneer cosmetic brand to introducing the beauty of Shoyaku oriental herbs.

KOTOHA also offers a unique ‘Total beauty advice service’. We believe your beauty is not just about your skin, and that you need to present yourself with confidence. Makeup is an essential part of that confidence, and by using the unique Golden Ratio Method, KOTOHA can show you how to apply makeup to maximum effect.

KOTOHA is looking forward to help you building your confidence from our range of services!